About Me

Meg Whittle

My Credentials


I am currently the Assistant Director of Cheshire Village at Home, a program of the Keene Senior Center designed to help seniors stay in their homes. Prior to taking on this role, I worked for 22 years as Director of Web Strategy for a large, non-profit organization.

I have a BFA with a major in Architecture, and an M. Ed. in Administration and Supervision.  I am also a Certified SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator. The majority of my career has been in training, and I love helping people discover that they have the answers within themselves.

SoulCollageĀ® cards on a table

My Approach

I bring a combination of art and technical know-how to everything I do.  I am an INFP on the Meyers/Briggs system, and love delving deeply into matters having to do with the meaning of life. Diversity of thought intrigues me, and I enjoy hearing from others what they think about deep spiritual and metaphysical matters. 

I believe that every one of us is capable of expressing the core values that drive us, and I can help to facilitate that process.

Circle of women candle holder

My History

I have been studying spiritual issues all of my life, and realized in my early 30's that I could be my own authority when it comes to spiritual matters. I promptly formed my first women's circle, called the Spiritual Issues Group, and we explored all sorts of topics, using a variety of techniques and activities.  This experience was so beneficial and supportive, it helped launch me on a lifelong connection with women's circles. I admire and revel in the support that women can bring to one another.

I want to provide a safe and sacred space for women to gather, share, support each other, witness each other, and learn about themselves.