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What is the Symbols Way™?

Using the perspectives of 4 classic archtypes, this process allows you to deeply explore a single issue or question in your life. It is a very personal, intuitive method of inquiry that guides you gently through examining the current situation, exploring what factors are in play, and illuminates how you might take the next step.

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The Process

When you engage with me in this process, you will receive an initial consultation call to explore and formulate your question. In addition, I will share the framework of the process with you.

Following that call, we will meet to introduce you to the archtypes, and conduct the process. You are welcome to bring a trusted friend to witness and scribe for you, so that you will have a record of the event.

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The Symbols Way™ process, including the consultation call, is $120.

To schedule an appointment, please contact me (below) with your request, and I will call you to set the date and finalize the details.

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