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My Approach

Women have within them the ability to set their own direction, chart their own course, and figure out their own lives. I support them through SoulCollage® workshops, coaching, deep listening, women's circles, and Symbols Process™ work.

SoulCollage® workshop

SoulCollage® — Explore your inner self

For anyone who likes to look within, and for those who enjoy expressing themselves through images (even if you can't draw a straight line!) SoulCollage® is an excellent method for self-exploration. Once you are introduced to this process, you will be able to use it for the rest of your life. You can consult the cards you make for simple, daily readings and for deep, personal inquiries. You will also have the lifelong joy of making additional cards for yourself any time you wish.

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Symbols Way™

Symbols Way™ is a powerful, guided process where you use symbols of your choosing to explore a situation through four archtypical perspectives.

Sessions include an orientation, the symbols process itself, and a followup call. You will examine a life question, explore what is currently in play, and discover what could help you move forward. Finally, you set in motion, on the Field of Possibility, the next steps in your journey. This is a sacred and deeply moving experience, and you will be tapping into your own inner wisdom.

Additional Services

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Website Design

In addition to the empowerment workshops and SoulCollage® sessions that I offer, I also help people design or redesign their websites. Using my 15+ years of web experience, I assist clients in clarifying and focusing their message, and displaying it to best advantage for the public. 

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