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In addition to the other work that I do, I help people design or redesign their websites. Using my 18+ years of web experience, I assist clients in clarifying and focusing their message, and displaying it to best advantage for the public.

My mission is to empower clients to reach customers via the internet, and to work with them to create a website that truly reflects who they are and what they do. My background as both a web designer and a trainer enables me to help people understand their own website, and I can teach them to edit it on their own if they wish. 

If you would like to start a conversation about your website needs, please do reach out to me through the inquiry form below. The initial conversation is free of charge, and will help you decide what steps are next for you, regardless of whether or not you choose to have me assist you. 

Slate with website word cloud

Slate with website word cloud

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Meg Whittle, Empowerment Guide

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